2017 Thesis InForm Exhibitors

Meet our 2017 Thesis InForm exhibitors!

The Thesis InForm exhibition shows work by selected students from across the Design School.


Our 2017 exhibitors are:


  • Samuel Bloch (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Joshua Faux (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Cancan Huang (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Hannah Martin (Illustration and Visual Media)

  • Ieva Misiukonyte (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Maeve O’Brien (Design Management and Cultures)

  • Shana Pagano-Lohrey (Illustration and Visual Media)

  • Patricia Puertas Torrado (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Ieva Simkonyte (Spatial Design)

  • Makissa Smeeton (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Stephanie Suen (Graphic and Media Design)

  • Harry West (Illustration and Visual Media)

  • Adam Ziver-Murray (Graphic and Media Design)

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