Exhibitor: Makissa Smeeton

Thank You for Killing Carefully

Greenwashing is one of the most ubiquitous marketing tools in use today. As citizens of this planet, do we have the voice and vigour to eliminate this manipulation? A truly sustainable way of life needs to be genuine, and practiced by all.

Sustainability is now seen as the answer to many global problems, and it has been endorsed by the majority of governments and large companies. Yet currently, the prevailing public concept of being green and sustainable makes a series of alarming and contradictory observations. Witnessing the environmental impacts of the palm oil industry in Malaysia feeds my own drive to raise awareness about the consequences. Through irony, my thesis examines the marketing strategies that have produced the ‘greenwashing’ effect and asks how we can create an experience or product that is genuinely more eco-friendly and sustainable.

My installation parallels this ironic approach: the space will be a greenwash in itself. Artificial grass and satirical advertisements show how greenwashing contradict the environmental truth. This matter lies close to home for all of us.

Visitors should leave my space with the desire to change: to read between the lines, to expose greenwashing and to demand accountability – and real respect for the environment.



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