Thesis InForm Symposium 2017

The Thesis InForm Symposium invites students who have excelled in their thesis to present their ideas to a broader audience.

This stimulating day takes place on Thursday 22 June, in Lecture Theatre B at LCC.

Hosted by Ferdinand Lu, Graphic and Media Design student



10am Welcome from Dr Nicky Ryan, Dean of Design School

10.05am Introduction by Dr Ian Horton, Programme Director, CTS

10.10am Keynote by Dr Peter Hall: ‘Generative Design Criticism’


10.40am – 11.30am SESSION 1: Identities, Pleasure and Danger

  • Viviana Conti (Illustration and Visual Media)
    According to Tumblr: Are queer readings in the BBC Sherlock fandom fetishising homosexuality, or expressing the need for fairer representation in the media?

  • Sydney Fortune (Interactive Design Arts)
    The New Top Model: RuPaul’s Drag Race serving you transformative realness

  • Max Hill (Graphic and Media Design)
    How does the design of a gay nightclub alter the user’s identity?

  • Mala Mutinta (Illustration and Visual Media)
    White Boy Thirst: How racial ideologies can be used to explore the cause of attraction in black women towards white men

11.30am – 12pm Coffee break

12pm – 1.15pm SESSION 2: Space, Place and Contestation

  • Shalyn Wilkins (Graphic and Media Design)
    What is the authentic Brixton? Has it been altered through gentrification?

  • Giulia Tugnoli (Graphic and Media Design)
    What is the role of London’s new property hoardings in the increasingly gentrified city? Exploring the implications of branding rhetoric used to market new properties

  • Michaela Vildova (Graphic and Media Design)
    Rehash or Revision?: The failure of the Adbuster Media Foundation practices, and dilemmas of culture jamming in 21st century

  • Haruka Hochin (Graphic and Media Design)
    Between Nature and the Little Man: Alvar Aalto’s philosophy of human-centred architecture and design

  • Emily Holworthy (Spatial Design)
    Changing political impact on the production of public space

  • Rebecca Shaw (Spatial Design)
    Was the Localism Act of 2011 an effective change for regeneration and planning processes within London? A comparison between the Aylesbury Estate Redevelopment and the development of the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan

1.15pm – 2pm Lunch break

2pm – 4pm SESSION 3: Lines of Flight

  • Emily Hoong (Graphic and Media Design)
    Evaluating the ethics of deceptive food packaging techniques through the analysis of consumer reaction and the role of designers and marketers

  • Stephanie Francis-Shanahan (Illustration and Visual Media)
    Difference not Dysfunction: A metacognitive exploration of the thesis process for an arts student with learning difficulties

  • Serena Neo (Graphic and Media Design)
    Japanese mascots and their relationship with culture and society

  • Laylah Amarchih (Illustration and Visual Media)
    How can theories of psychology and philosophy be used to understand ethical and moral dilemmas in fairy tales and picture books, with analyses of literature from the 19th century to the present day?

  • Aleksandra Knopek (Design Management and Cultures)
    Collaborative Innovation. Open source as a platform for collective action

  • Kristin Hall (Design Management and Cultures)
    Identity at Stake: How contemporary work culture in the creative industries influences the perception of identity

  • Rebeca Walkley (Graphic and Media Design)
    Beautiful Bare: Would women be better off without their daily cosmetic routine?

  • Alexander Williams (Illustration and Visual Media)
    Politics and Art of the 90s – All Kunst: Did the policies of New Labour and the work of the YBA create a cultural convergence in the 90s?

  • Patricia Puertas Torrado (Graphic and Media Design)
    What is the role of interpretation in music and design, looking into graphic scores?

  • Bhavinee Kerai (Graphic and Media Design)
    How has the increased accessibility and proliferation of camera technology removed the sentimental value of domestic photography?

  • Sam Trieu (Design Management and Cultures)
    Mapping the Peripatetic Sequence of Entangled Curiosity

4pm Close and drinks reception


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